11 Ideas to Cure Blog Writer’s Block

120214-blogideasBlogging is an inexpensive and relatively easy way to give your small business an Internet presence and build clout in your field. But we know from running our own blog that sometimes the well of ideas runs a little dry and writer’s block sets in.

When that happens to you, try one of these topics on for size. It may just inspire you to get writing again.

Who are you?

Introduce yourself and your business partners. What is your experience? What prompted you to start a business? What are your non-work interests and hobbies?

Tell your readers about the people who work for you – their experience, background, and areas of expertise. Your customers will see a familiar face the next time someone from your staff makes an office call.

Answer questions.

There must be questions that customers always ask – or others that they’re too afraid to ask. A “frequently asked questions” post lets customers know they’re not alone in wondering the things they wonder.

You could also open your virtual “mail bag” and answer correspondence from customers (with their permission, of course). Answering questions and responding to customer compliments, is great, but you show real strength if you answer the hate mail, too.

Tell your business’ story.

How was your company founded? Why was it founded? Where did your name come from? Tell the story of your business so customers know where you came from and how you’ve grown.

Watch the news.

Keep an eye on the news, both within your industry and mass media. When a story related to your field or business breaks, explain it to your readers in a blog post. Show how it’s relevant to them. If it’s a problem or controversy, explain how your business can help them solve the problem.

Brag a little.

It’s OK to brag when you’ve got a great success story or a particularly glowing testimonial from a customer! Build confidence with current and potential customers by sharing the stories of happy clients.

Admit you’re not perfect.

The opposite side of the coin is to write about a situation that didn’t go so well. What did you learn from it? How did you eventually solve the customer’s problem and meet their needs? How does this experience affect how you approach similar customers in the future?

Spread the news.

What’s new in your business or your field? What’s coming? Explain what’s latest and greatest and how your business will use these new tools and processes.

Holiday-themed posts.

Is Christmas coming? Thanksgiving? Play off the holidays for fun posts. List the things you’re thankful for, or post a wish list of things you’d like for your business. Don’t make your blog all business; have a little fun, too.

Top 10 lists.

Look around the Internet: People love lists. We mean really love them. What Top 10 lists could you compile for your business or your field?

How it works.

Without giving away company secrets, customers love to look behind the scenes and see how things work. Share “a day in the life” of your business or one of your staff members. Let customers in on aspects of your process or products.

Go local.

Are you participating in or sponsoring a local event? Supporting a local charity? Your business is part of a community; share the local things you love in a blog post. This lets customers know what is important to you, outside your business.

More ideas

Need more inspiration? These resources help us keep writing:

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