6 Digital Spring Cleaning Tasks

032414-digitalspringcleaninIt may not feel like it quite yet, but the calendar says spring has come to Southern Maryland, bringing with it signs of new life, renewal, and perhaps some cleansing rain. Like your home, your business needs a bit if spring cleaning, too – especially the digital aspects of your business. Here are six tasks to tackle this spring to get your small business feeling like new again.

Update Online Profiles

From social media to location-based services like Yelp and Foursquare, your business probably has a presence all over the web. Now is the time to check your business’ profiles on these services to make sure your information is correct and complete. Each profile should include:

  • Contact information: Address, telephone, email
  • Website address
  • A description or “about us” write up
  • Pictures, if applicable
  • Links to other social media, if applicable

On social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus, take a moment to update your cover photographs and avatars or profile pictures. You’re doing a great job updating your status each day, but a fresh new look every so often makes a big difference, too.

Organize Your Inbox

We’re willing to bet that your email inbox is a double-edged sword: A great way to keep in touch and get things done, but also a vast wasteland of clutter and unnecessary messages. Now is the time to take charge!

Spring is the perfect time to organize your inbox, and our blog post, “7 Ways to Manage Your Inbox,” gives you a place to start:

  1. Check regularly, not constantly.
  2. Follow the “2-Minute” Rule.
  3. File and sort.
  4. Keep it short and sweet.
  5. Send less to get less.
  6. Unsubscribe.
  7. Turn it off.

Want to learn more about these steps? Take the first step toward managing your inbox by reading our blog post here.

Organize Your Digital Storage

Whether you choose a cloud-based or local file storage option, it’s important to keep your business files organized. Cloud-based services store your files and data on remote servers that can be accessible to you and your employees anywhere. Local storage is on a computer at your office that may or may not be accessible to you outside of your office space.

Here are PNSolutions, we’re storage experts, whether you’re looking for cloud services or something closer to home. We can help you assess your business’ storage needs and design a system that meets those needs. Interested? Contact us today!

If you’re already happy with your file storage system, take this time to make sure your important data is backed up. You’ve got several options for backing up your files, and PNSolutions can help you decide which one is right for you.

Update Passwords

How are your passwords? Regular readers of this blog will know that strong passwords are key to your online security, from social media to email to online banking and finances. Occasionally, you should change your passwords. How do you create a strong password? Read our tips here.

Throw It Away

Is there a closet at your office full of old and broken computers, monitors, printers, and other devices? Clear out the clutter and ditch it! Local landfills in Southern Maryland have facilities for electronic recycling, and they can safely dispose of these devices for you. You’ll free up valuable space in your office and clear those broken items that are just getting in your way.

Old but working technology can sometimes be sold or donated. Gazelle.com is one resource for donating aging cellphones, tablets, and Apple computers. Schools, shelters, or non-profits may be able to use your older but still functional electronics.

What’s recyclable or donate-able near you – and where? Check Earth911.com for information.

Clear Your Cellphone

How many of those apps on your cellphone do you use regularly? If you downloaded an app that you don’t use or didn’t like, delete it. You’ll clear valuable storage space on your phone and get rid of pesky icons that clutter up your screen and get in your way when you’re trying to look for something important.

Need help with your spring cleaning tasks? We’re storage, security, and network experts! Contact PNSolutions today, and let’s get started!

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