Assessing Your Medical Office’s IT Needs

120313-medicalofficeITAs a medical practitioner, we know that you and your staff work hard to give your patients and clients the best care possible – and that technology is playing an increasingly important role in that relationship. From electronic medical records to diagnostic tools, technology is enabling medical professionals to offer faster, more accurate care.

Whether you’re considering moving your patients’ records to an electronic system or you’re already in the process of doing so, there’s no better time than now to go digital. The benefits are huge, including: Quicker access to records by multiple health care providers. Improved tracking and earlier detection. Increased productivity and efficiency among your staff. Increased accuracy and a decrease in errors.

But implementing an electronic medical records system can also be scary. You’re dealing with extremely sensitive personal information, and you must comply with HIPAA laws. Where should you start? Let Professional Network Solutions help!


Let’s start with the biggest concern many medical professionals have: Security. The information you deal with is highly sensitive and personal. But, that information also needs to be shared, whether among people in your own practice or with other specialists outside of your medical office. PNSolutions can design a secure network of computers and devices for you that allows your patients’ data to be easily accessed by those who need to see it while remaining hidden from those who don’t.

Speed and Ease of Access

Whether you are planning a network of laptops, desktop computers, or tablets, your data needs to be accessibly quickly and easily no matter where in your office your staff is working. Your employees should be able to quickly search and find a patient’s records whether they’re using a network-connected desktop computer in each exam room or are traveling between rooms with a laptop or tablet. Updates should appear quickly, too, so that the professional working with a patient always has the most recent information.

Easy to Use

No matter how secure your electronic medical records system is, it’s of no use if your employees have a hard time using it or if the system is confusing. Plus, a confusing system impacts the quality of the care you can give your patients. We can help you design a secure system that is also easy for your staff to use so you can maintain the high quality of care you’re already giving your clients.

Staff Training

If the news that you’re moving to an electronic medical records system is making your staff nervous, don’t worry! PNSolutions can train your staff the use the new system, and a monthly help desk contract with us allows them to call us when they have questions and problems. Learning the new system on the job would negatively impact your patients; let us help your staff learn the system before they have to use it, and patient care won’t suffer.

Before You Begin

Before you implement an electronic medical records system, PNSolutions can help you assess your practice’s specific needs. That enables us to build a solution that is specific for your office and its needs, not something generic that your office will have to adapt to.


Moving your patient records to a digital system is only the beginning. You will need to keep the system up to date for it to be secure and effective. We can design a monthly maintenance plan just for you that includes all the services you need for your office and its system – and none of the services you don’t.

Is your medical office ready to move to an electronic records system? Contact Professional Network Solutions today to get started!

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