Business Continuity

How much revenue could your business lose if your data becomes corrupted? What would it do to your reputation if your customer data was stolen?

Protecting your business from network sabotage or user error is one of the most cost effective business continuity steps you can take.

You have insurance to cover you in case of liability. You probably have measures in place to avoid shoplifting or other shrinkage. You maybe even have company procedures to avoid OSHA violations. Preventing network damage is as important as any of these.

Professional Network Solutions is ready to help you handle any network problems that threaten your ability to conduct business:

Backup Solutions

Are you still using the old-fashioned, easy-to-break tape backup systems - or worse, have no regular backup system at all? Let us design a system for you so that you can relax, knowing your data is backed up and replaceable at a moment's notice.

We offer affordable backup solutions in both on-site and online versions so that you can choose the system that makes YOU feel most secure.

Our service offerings include:

  • Design and install backup systems to meet your specifications
  • Provide complete instructions for use
  • Test backups and data restoration functions
  • Restore data when needed
  • Offer encrypted solutions that meet stringent HIPPA requirements
Anti-Spam Solutions

Tired of your employees being inundated by spam? Let Professional Network Solutions help you get rid of unwanted email. We offer on-network solutions that can filter out garbage messages before they ever hit your employees’ in boxes.

Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, and Anti-Malware Solutions

Viruses, spyware, and malware costs American businesses tens of millions of dollars each year. You or your employees can have exposure simply through internet use or by email.

Don't let these computer predators threaten your business! Professional Network Solutions has ten years of industry experience keeping businesses just like your safe and secure. We can install and maintain virus, spyware, and malware protection that will block these attackers at both the server and workstation levels.

Hard Drive and Data Recovery

It starts with the terrible words: "Our computer crashed. It looks like all our data is lost." Then the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach...Customer data, project documentation, financial work papers - all GONE!

If this sounds like your situation, please call us immediately at 301.392.5000 for a prompt, FREE assessment. We have excellent results salvaging data from seemingly dead hardware all over the Southern Maryland region.

And to make sure you never have to face business trauma like this again, we invite you to read about our Help Desk Services. Clients who take advantage of our regular maintenance contracts can relax knowing their data is backed up and secure.

IT Assessment Planning

Planning an expansion? Need new software? We can help you make the right choices!

Call us at 240-508-6074 for a FREE evaluation today of your planning project.