Do I need an app for my business?

072313-doineedanappYou don’t need a study or research numbers to know that smart phones and tablets are hot. Users are moving away from desktop and laptop computers and toward tablets, and they’re using their smart phones for more than telephone calls, email, and texting.

This trend might have you wondering: Does my small business need an app?

It’s an attractive idea: Your very own app! Available in the Apple and Android app stores for customers all over the world to download and enjoy. But do you really need one?

Well, yes and no. Here are some questions to consider:

  • Do you have a mobile-friendly version of your website? More and more consumers are accessing the web from their phone or tablet, and your website needs to be readable to them. A website that doesn’t work properly will frustrate users and reflect poorly on your business.
  • Can you do something interesting with an app? Can you make a game out of your product or services? Offer coupons? An app that is merely a high-tech rehash of your website won’t grab – and keep – users’ attentions.
  • Can you afford it? An app can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

All that being said, there are some advantages of an app over a mobile-friendly website (though, you should still have one of those regardless).

  • Users are on their phones all the time – 127 minutes a day on apps, one study says – and an app puts you front and center. A website they need to open their browser for does not.
  • You can keep in touch with your local customers and push special offers and discounts to them.
  • You can push notifications to your app users to let them know about special offers, coupons, or new products and services.
  • Apps help improve customer service by providing one more avenue for customers to contact you.
  • Data from the app can help you better determine your customers’ habits and needs.

The bottom line is, figure out whether an app moves your business ahead and if you can do something unique with an app. Then, answer the all-important question: Can you afford it?

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