Four Trends in Privacy and Security

101513-securitytrendsAs devices change, so do the security and privacy threats users and their data face. What are the top trends facing users today? Here are four trends we’re seeing that show the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Mobile Security

As more and more users move their work, social media, email, and other online activities to their phones and tablets, these devices are going to become greater targets for those who’d like access to your information. We discussed ways to stay safe on a public wifi network here on the blog, and those tips, combined with smart mobile habits, will help protect your information.

Computer Security

The increase in attacks on mobile devices doesn’t mean the hackers and identity thieves have forgotten about your desktop or laptop computer. In fact, you can expect malware to become more diversified and specialized -- by country or by type of user (consumer or business). As we discussed recently here on the blog, attempts to hijack your data via spam and phishing are on the rise. Be skeptical, though, and it’s easy to protect yourself from spam and phishing.

All this means identity theft is not going away – getting access to your data is still profitable. Keep your antivirus software up to date, and use a firewall to protect your computer.

Cloud Security

Business is becoming more mobile, and many small businesses are moving some of their data to the cloud to make it accessible to their employees from anywhere. It’s a great idea: Being able to run your business from anywhere and allowing your employees to work wherever they are. But, there are real risks to putting your sensitive business data – and that of your clients – in the cloud. Is your business ready? Make sure you know how the company who provides you with cloud computing services will protect your information.

Education is Key

As we move forward into 2014, educating users about security is going to continue to be important. Knowing that these risks exist is just the first step in the process – everyone involved in your business needs to know how to protect themselves, the business, and the business’ data. Got questions about security? Want help educating your staff about security and privacy? Contact us today!

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