Is it Time to Upgrade Your Computers? How to Know

032415-oldcomputersOne of the biggest assets your business will invest in is technology like computers, printers, mobile devices, servers, and more.

And while these assets can last for several years, they will eventually need to be upgraded or replaced. How do you know when the time is right? Ask yourself these questions:

Is technology affecting productivity?

You’re not moving forward when your computers or network is down and your employees can’t do some or all of their tasks. And waiting a long time for a process to run or software to load is not an efficient use of your employees’ time.

If you find that your technology is affecting the productivity of your business, it might be time to make upgrades or buy replacements. If the cost of upgrading is less than the cost of staying where you are, it’s time to move on.

Are you using powerful, new software?

New software that improves processes and efficiency is released all the time, and if you just started using something brand new, your old computers and network may not be up to the task. In fact, those old computers could be erasing the benefits of that new software!

Is your equipment broken or not working properly?

Malfunctioning computers and printers frustrate employees and waste their time. Before you run out and buy something brand new, though, get an estimate (We can help!) for the cost of repairs. If the cost is more than half the cost of new equipment, it may be time to buy a new device.

Have you grown – or are you anticipating growth?

Adding employees taxes your network and slows everyone down. Prepare for current and future growth by upgrading your system to handle the increased traffic and workload. Being able to hire new workers is a great thing – make sure they can use their time efficiently.

You’ve answered these questions. What next?

If after considering these questions you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade, don’t buy brand new equipment just yet. Older equipment can be given a boost by installing upgrades like:

  • Random Access Memory: Also called RAM, this is the memory that allows your computer to perform tasks. It’s an easy way to speed up your system.
  • Devices: Upgrade or replace CD and DVD drives and burners to faster models.
  • Storage: Add additional hard drives to increase the storage capacity of your computer.
  • Adapters: If your laptop can’t connect to WiFi, install a WiFi adaptor to let you work wireless from anywhere. PC cards to add Bluetooth capability are also available.

Of course, sometimes an upgrade isn’t the most cost-efficient way to go. A good rule of thumb to follow is this: If the cost of the upgrade is more than half the cost of a new computer, buying the new computer could be better in the long run.

Still not sure what to do? Let us help. PNSolutions can evaluate your system and, taking your business’s current and future needs into account, recommend the best course of action. We can even help with installation and setup of new equipment. Contact us today!

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