Protecting Your Files – Your Options for Backing Up Your Data

012814-backupoptionsNo matter what kind of business you’re in, it’s smart to back up your data and files. In fact, home users should back up important files, too, especially photographs, videos, and financial information. What’s the best way to back up your data? There are several options, but the best one for you will be the one you will actually do – and keep up with.

No matter what method you choose, a few tips remain the same:

  • Back up regularly. If you can’t schedule your backups to happen automatically, get yourself on a regular schedule (weekly, monthly, etc.). Set reminders for yourself on your phone or computer if you have to. Business users will want to back up more often – daily at least.
  • Make sure there is enough space at your backup location or on the disks you’re using.
  • Store disks, hard disks, etc., in a separate place from your computer, preferably someplace fireproof. If you can store it in a different building altogether, even better. (For example, store a back up of family photos at someone else’s house. Then, in the case of a fire that destroys your home, you don’t lose the backup, too.)
  • Use a consistent naming and filing system. Decide on an organizational scheme once, and you’ll never have to spend time re-organizing your files. Plus, finding and filing things will be faster and easier – meaning, you’re more likely to stick to a regular back-up schedule.

Here are some options for backing up your files and data.

Removable Disks

It’s more labor intensive, but burning your files to disk might be one of the easiest and cheapest options. Choose disks with enough space for your files – BluRay disks, DVDs, or CDs – and make sure they’re rewritable so you can add and edit the files on the disk.

Store these in a separate location from your computer. A fireproof box or safe is a good idea, as is putting a copy of the files elsewhere.

Removable disks are a good option if you don’t have many files or need to back up option or are a home user.

External Hard Drive

An external hard drive is another relatively inexpensive way to back up your data. It still requires some work from you, though. The external drive gets plugged into your computer, so you can copy files to it. You can get hard drives with 1 terabyte of storage for relatively cheap, less than $100.

As with DVDs and other removable disks, store the hard drive away from your computer in a fireproof box or safe.

Network Drive

If you have a network of computers at home or at work (and if you have more than one computer, you probably do), it makes sense to add a networked hard drive for storing and sharing files. Many have software included for easy set up, and some will even let you automate backups so they happen without your intervention.

PNSolutions can help you set up your networked drive and establish a backup schedule for your files. We can even help you set permissions on your drive so you can personalize access for different kinds of users.

Cloud Storage

Backing up your files to the cloud is an easy way to ensure that a copy of your files exists somewhere outside your home or office. Storing your files “in the cloud” means that your data will be kept on another company’s servers, not your own. Cloud storage options are very secure, and you can access them from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

PNSolutions offers cloud storage computing to its clients, and we’d be happy to talk to you about options for your business! We’ve been providing cloud storage services for years, and once you’re set up, we think you’ll love it. Your employees will able to access your information securely from any Internet-connected computer, and they can save documents and files to a secure location where they will be backed up and safe.

Want to explore your cloud computing options with PNSolutions? Contact us today; we’re happy to answer your questions and develop a solution that is perfect for your needs.

What’s right for you?

Which back-up option is best for your home or business? Contact PNSolutions today so we can discuss your needs and explain your options. Let us help you protect your important data and files so that you don’t lose everything when the worst happens. Contact us today!

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