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111114-realestateITHave you heard the news? PNSolutions is now the Premier IT Provider for the Southern Maryland Real Estate Network! We’re so excited to work with local real estate professionals to help you take your business further. How can we work for you? Read on.

Custom computer solutions

We specialize in customizing equipment and network solutions for our customers. We don’t offer pre-set packages. Instead, we evaluate your office and its specific needs and design a computer system that meets your needs – nothing more, nothing less.

We can also help you keep your new equipment up to date – including software, hardware, operating system, and antivirus. Or, we can evaluate your existing computers and make recommendations for updating or replacing your current devices.


If your computers aren’t working properly or your network is slow or crashing, don’t suffer! Let PNSolutions troubleshoot the problem and recommend custom solutions. We let you get back to your most important task – serving the needs of your clients and customers.

Security experts

No matter what stage you’re at in a real estate transaction, you’re dealing with sensitive and private customer and financial data. Don’t leave your office’s computers and network open to hackers and viruses that can compromise that information and ruin your reputation. We can help make sure you’re protected and teach you the best ways to protect your clients’ data. Plus, PNSolutions offers a free security evaluation – we’ll assess your current security situation and make recommendations for any ways you can improve the security of your computers, mobile devices, and network.

On the go

You do a lot of your business on the go – showings, client meetings, open houses – and you need to be able to access client and home information no matter where you are. PNSolutions offers cloud services for data storage and software. We can also help you use the cloud for backing up your data so that it’s always secure when disaster – whether weather or virus – strikes.

Your IT department

Hiring staff is expensive, and you probably don’t need a full-time IT professional on the payroll. Let PNSolutions be your IT department. We offer contract services so that we’re always there for you when you need it – and out of your hair when you don’t. You’re busy; why wait for solutions to problems and answers to your questions? Plus, we offer 24/7 emergency services, which means that you’re covered no matter what time it is.

Training and education

Helping our clients understand their technology is an important part of what we do at PNSolutions. We’ll never talk to you and your employees in jargon and terms you don’t understand; we’ll explain everything to you in plain English. We firmly believe if you understand your technology, you won’t be afraid of it. From training your employees about how to use new software to educating them on best practices for email and Internet use, we can teach your people what they need to know. And, you can always read our Tech Talk blog and follow us on Facebook for the latest on security, small business technology, social media, and more.

Call us today

We’re looking forward to working with Southern Maryland’s real estate professionals like you and helping you grow your business and serve your clients. If you’re ready to get started, contact us today!

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