Social Media: Beyond Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and Twitter are the darlings of social media – and the biggest names everyone knows. Without a doubt, your business should have a presence on one or both of these social media powerhouses. But did you know there are other popular social media sites? Learn more about four other social media websites and how they might benefit your business.



Hang out in a group for any period of time, and you’re likely to hear someone talking about “pinning” an recipe, craft, quote, picture, or outfit. They’re talking about Pinterest, one of the hottest new players on the social media scene. Think of Pinterest as an online bulletin board – a place to save all of those cool ideas you’ve seen online and hope someday to actually do. A majority of the site’s users are women, other types of businesses are increasingly creating online pin boards on Pinterest, including sports teams, tech companies, retailers, and other types of businesses are getting in on the act.

Pinterest is a fun way to connect with your customers and potential customers. Sure, you should create boards and share pins related to your business (trends, news, cool stuff, etc.), but you should also share other fun things: recipes, kid ideas, pictures, quotes, etc. Doing so lets your customers get to know you better.



LinkedIn is social networking – done in a professional way. You won’t find the same kinds of posts here that you see on Facebook: No cat pictures, status updates about kids, or video from last weekend’s big party. Instead, users set up a profile that looks a lot like a resume and connect themselves to others they know and admire. You can endorse others for the skills they’ve listed, and others can endorse you. If you’re job hunting – or looking to hire – LinkedIn can help the job seekers find openings.

For business owners, LinkedIn lets you create a profile for your business. There, you can share news, links, and photos, and users can follow your business. You can also post job openings and use the site to look for candidates. LinkedIn is also a great way to network with other professionals you know locally.



One thing we all know about social media is that people love pictures. Few posts – on business and personal Facebook pages – get more views than pictures. Instagram is all pictures – plus lots of fun filters and editing options. You can even share short, 15-second videos. Users can follow each other, and it’s easy to share your Instagram pictures on other social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Sharing pictures with your customers and potential customers is a fun way to give them a behind-the-scenes peek into your business. Share funny pictures -- even short videos -- that give followers an insight into your business and the people who run it.



We’re cheating a little bit, but Vine is Twitter’s video-sharing sister app. Each video is limited to 6 seconds, which forces users to be real creative with their posts. Use Vine the same way you’d use Instagram: share funny stories, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and other things that give users a peek into your business.

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