What is SEO?

100813-whatisseoIf you’ve got a website, you’ve probably heard the term “SEO.” It stands for “search engine optimization,” and as a website owner, chances are pretty good you’ve spent a little time stressing about how your website ranks with the search engines.

There are lots of ways to increase how well your website places in web searches, some of them free, some of them costly. Most of the free methods require some time on your part, but we think if you spend the time, it will be worth your effort. Here are some easy ways to increase your search visibility.

Find Your Keywords

First, you need to know how people are finding your website. Use the analytic data that accompanies most web hosting packages to find out how people are finding you. Then, brainstorm the keywords you think users will use to find a company like yours. It can be helpful to ask a friend who is in a different business to brainstorm as well. Being an outsider, they will think of different terms than you might.

Don’t forget to use the tools available to you. Inside Google’s Adwords app, there is a Keyword Planner that can help you find other search terms that you may have missed. The planner can also help you find what are called “long-tail search terms” – these are longer, more specific search phrases that apply to your business. Generally, the more specific a search term is, the more likely you are to reach your target audience – and turn those clicks into clients. (You’ll need to create an Adwords account to use the Keyword Planner, but you don’t have t buy anything.)

Once, you have those keywords, start working on your content and use those keywords in your text, titles, and headings.

Keep Things Fresh

The search engines love new content. If your site never changes, the search engines have no reason to come back and index your site again. Adding a blog to your website is an easy way to keep your site refreshed and in front of the search engines. Changing content keeps the search engines – and readers – returning to your website. Choose a publishing schedule that works for you – weekly, monthly, twice a month, or more – and stick to it.

Content is King

But, when it comes to content, quality is better than quantity. You can publish every day, but if your content isn’t worth readers’ time, they’re not going to keep coming back. Rather, it’s better to publish high quality content less often. Use those keywords you discovered in your content, and prove to your readers that you’re a leader and an expert in your field.

Get Links

That high-quality content will get you backlinks – links from other websites back to your content. Again – if you’re publishing content worth sharing, you’re going to get more links via blogs, websites, and social media. The search engines love backlinks!

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