Why You Should Choose an Online Backup Solution for Your Business

022515-onlinebackupsDisaster can strike your business at any moment: Are you ready?

It could be a hacker or virus, corrupted files and disks, or extreme weather. How do you recover your data and files?

At PNSolutions, we strongly recommend you invest in an online backup solution – also called cloud backup – for your business. You can opt to back up your entire system, data, and files or just certain files and folders.

Why do we recommend online backup?

Your data is stored off site.

If the disaster strikes your office – think weather or fire – and you have a physical backup of your system in your office, everything is in danger and possibly gone. Your recovery time could take months, disrupting business operations in the process.

When you choose a cloud-based backup solution, your data and files are stored offsite, in a facility separate from your offices. No matter what happens at your place of business, your information is safe.

Your recovery time is quick.

When your backup is stored online, all you need is an Internet connection to begin restoring your system. No messing with physical disks and computers. Restoring your system can be as easy as clicking a button or making a phone call.

Your backup is more reliable.

Physical backup systems can wear out and break down over time – plus you need space at your office to store them. When you work with a cloud-based backup provider, that company’s sole purpose is to protect your information, make sure it is always available, and keep its own systems up to date.

You save money.

It costs money to set up, maintain, and upgrade your own physical backup system. Online backup services require a monthly fee and can end up costing you less each year than your physical solution. Plus, maintaining and keeping the system available is no longer your headache – that’s the job of your storage solution provider.

We also recommend that you have more than one backup in place. Follow the backup rule of three:

Three copies of anything you really care about. (Two if it’s not that important.)

Two different formats. For example, a cloud back up and DVD backup. Or a cloud backup and a physical drive in your office.

One off-site backup, like the cloud.

PNSolutions would love to be your online backup provider! We can design a solution that meets your specific needs, providing only the services you need and want. Online solutions often take one of two forms, and we can help you decide which is best for you and your business:

Image-based storage: In this option, a snapshot is taken of your computer or system at a specific time and saved to the remote backup. You get a complete picture of your data and system to go back to.

Automated backup: Or, you can choose specific files and folders you’d like to protect and have them backed up automatically. This can be run through a web-based interface and managed by PNSolutions for you.

And, when disaster strikes, PNSolutions can help you move toward recovery. We’ll walk you through the steps to get you back on the road to running your business.

Got questions about the backup solutions that are right for your business? Contact us today!

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